Carlos Frederico Martins Menck

From Laboratório de Reparo de DNA

Full Professor at the Dept. of Microbiology, of Institute of Biomedical Sciences, University of São Paulo. Graduated with major in Biology, and PhD in Biochemistry. His main research interest has been related to DNA repair, with studies not only in the cellular physiological aspects, but also from the point of view of evolution.

Research Project

His main research interests are the study of cellular DNA repair processes and their biological consequences (such as mutagenesis and cell death). Together with his group, he has developed systems related to gene therapy, and he has recently proposed the use of RNAi as a tool for the understanding the cell responses to genome aggression, in animal cells. celular). Considering the high levels of conservation of DNA repair genes in all living organisms, he also studies how these processes occor in plants and in bacteria. These studies also allow an evolutive approach to the projects of his group. Research (fazer link).

Main Publications

09. Lima-Bessa K, Chiganças V, Stary A, Kanouche P, Sarasin A, Armelini MG, Jacysyn JF, Amarantes-Mendes GP, Cordeiro-Stone M, Cleaver JE and Menck CFM (2006). Adenovirus mediated transduction of the human DNA polymerase eta cDNA. DNA Repair 5: 925-934.

08. Batista LFZ, Chiganças V, Brumatti G, Amarante-Mendes GP and Menck CFM (2006) Involvement of DNA replication in ultraviolet-induced apoptosis of mammalian cells. Apoptosis 11(7): 1139-1148.

07. Galhardo, RS, Rocha, R. Marques, MV and Menck, CF (2005) A SOS-regulated operon involved in damage-inducible mutagenesis in Caulobacter crescentus. Nucleic Acids Research 33 (8): 2603-2614.

06. Armelini MG, Muotri AR, Marchetto MCN, Lima-Bessa KM, Sarasin A and Menck CFM (2005) Restoring DNA repair capacity of cells from three distinct diseases by XPD gene recombinant adenovirus. Cancer Gene Therapy 12(4): 389-396.

05. Lima-Bessa, KM and Menck, CFM (2005) Skin cancer: lights on genome lesions. Current Biology, 15(2): R58-R61.

04. Marchetto MCN*, Muotri AR*, Burns DK, Friedberg EC and Menck CFM (2004) Gene transduction in skin cells: preventing cancer in xeroderma pigmentosum mice. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 101 (51): 17759-17764. Both authors have equally contributed.

03. Chiganças V, Sarasin, A and Menck, CF (2004) CPD-photolyase adenovirus-mediated gene transfer in normal and DNA repair deficient human cells. Journal Cell Science 117: 3579-3592.

02. Costa RM, Chiganças V, Galhardo RS, Carvalho H, Menck CFM (2003) The eukaryotic nucleotide excision repair pathway. Biochimie, 85: 1083-1099.

01. Menck, CFM (2002) Shining a light on photolyases. Nature Genetics, News and Views, 32: 338-339.

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