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== '''Our participation in Genome projects.''' == == '''Our participation in Genome projects.''' ==

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Our participation in Genome projects.

Since 1998, this lab has been involved in genome sequencing projects coordinated by FAPESP. Basically, we were active members of the following projects: Xylella fastidiosa, Xanthomonas , Sugar Cane ESTs (SUCEST), Schistosoma mansoni and Aedes aegypti transcriptomes. The sequencing itself was only a way to develop research activities in several aspects, including bacterial genome evolution, and the identification of new genes involved in DNA repair and DNA damage tolerance.

Main publications related to Genome Projects

7. Nene V et al, (2007) Genome Sequence of Aedes aegypti, a Major Arbovirus Vector. Science, in press.

6. Vincentz, M et al (2004) Evaluation of monocot and eudicot divergence using the sugarcane transcriptome. Plant Physiol. 134: 951-959.

5. Verjovski-Almeida S et al (2003) Transcriptome analysis of the acoelomate human parasite Schistosoma mansoni. Nature Genetics 35: 148-157

4. Vettore AL et al (2003) Analysis and Functional Annotation of an Expressed Sequence Tag Collection for Tropical Crop Sugarcane. Genome Res, 13(12): 2725-2735.

3. Van Sluys MA, Monteiro-Vitorello CB, Camargo LE, Menck CF, Da Silva AC, Ferro JA, Oliveira MC, Setubal JC, Kitajima JP, Simpson AJ (2002) Comparative genomic analysis of plant-associated bacteria. Annual Rev Phytopathol 40: 169-189.

2. da Silva AC et al (2002). Comparison of the genomes of two Xanthomonas pathogens with differing host specificities. Nature 417(6887): 459-463.

1. A. Simpson et al. (2000) “The genome sequence of the plant pathogen Xylella fastidiosa.” Nature 406: 151-157.

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