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100px-Veri.jpg Graduated Biologist and licensed teacher by University of Santo Amaro (1991), Master (1996) and PhD (2007) in Biological Sciences (Microbiology) by University of São Paulo (USP). Since 1996 is a laboratory specialist in the Microbiology Department of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences- USP. Until 2009 she focused her activity in the laboratory of viral gastroenteritis. Currently is a collaborator in the DNA Repair Laboratory coordinated by Prof. Dr. Carlos Menck. As a laboratory specialist, she collaborates in projects of scientific investigation, with scientific, didactics and extension goals. In that way she contributes in gathering all the elements needed to allow research development, assisting in the technical orientation of undergraduate and graduate students.

Research Project

Collaborates with the projects related to identifying the genetic mutations responsible for the clinical features of Xeroderma Pigmentosum in Brazilian patients; understanding the DNA repair mechanisms affected by these mutations and the consequences of these alterations to the genomic stability and cancer development in these patients.


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