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Graduate at Basic Health Sciences (bachelor's degree) from Biomedical Sciences Institute of the University of São Paulo (2009) and M.Sc. (Biotechnology) from the same University (2012). His dissertation was about "Mechanisms of induction of DNA lesions by UVA light and its biological effects", under the orientation of Professor Dr. Carlos Frederico Martins Menck and the co-orientation of Dr. André Passaglia Schuch.

Research Project

The purpose of my work was to irradiate DNA samples with UVA light in the presence of different substances to study the possible mechanisms involved in the induction of DNA lesions by these wavelengths. The determination and quantification of different types of DNA lesions formed after irradiation was performed using enzymes for DNA repair that recognize and cleave the site containing specific lesions. Complementing these analyses, immunological and chromatographic tests were performed. With the implementation of these analyses, we sought to uncover how the damages induced by UVA light in the DNA molecule are generated by examining the indirect (reactive species) and direct (photon absorption by the DNA molecule) mechanisms.


Yagura, Teiti; Makita, Kazuo; Yamamoto, Hiromasa; Menck, Carlos F.M.; Schuch, André P. 2011. "Biological Sensors for Solar Ultraviolet Radiation." Sensors 11, no. 4: 4277-4294.

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