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Lelefoto.png Graduated in Biology at the University of Sao Paulo in 2002, has a Masters degree in Oncology by the Cancer Hospital of Sao Paulo/Fundação Antonio Prudente. In 2010 started her PhD studies with the project “Nucleotide Excision Repair and the remotion of DNA oxidative damage on human fibroblasts”. Is actually performing a 1-year colaboration at the B Cell and Genomic Plasticity laboratory at the Gustave Roussy Institut, in Villejuif, France.

Research Project

The objectives of this work are studying the response of NER-deficient and NER-proficient human fibroblasts to the oxidative stress induced by treatment with methylene blue plus visible light. We aim to better understand the involvement of NER and the proteins XPD and XPV in the repair of oxidative damage. Besides, after the characterization of the XP patients from Goias, we also included in our objectives the study of the process of somatic hypermutation (SHP) in XPV patients, in colaboration with the B Cell and Genomic Plasticity laboratory (Gustave Roussy Institut, Villejuif, France).

Decreased viability of XD-mutated cells in response to treatment with photosensitized Methylene Blue. 25.000 cell/well (Multiwell 12) were treated with MB (0, 4 and 8 µM) + visible light (5,09 J/cm2) and the XTT was performed 72 hours after treatment. The graphic shows the mean with standard deviation of three independent experiments, performed in triplicates. MRC5: normal fibroblasts. XPD: XP6BE. XP/CS: XPCS2. XP/TTD: TTD2VI.

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