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Graduated in Biology at University of Sao Paulo (USP) - 2007. Currently, I am developing my Master project, entitled "Obtaining of the enzymes CPD-photolyasee and (6-4)-photolyase and their antibodies for the study of the relative importance of the lesions induced by the solar light."

Research abstract

The ultraviolet light induces in the DNA the formation of covalent linkages between adjacent pyrimidines, which provoke structural distortions in the double helix. The most common injuries are pyrimidine dimers, as the cyclobutane pyrimidine (CPD) and the pyrimidine (6-4) pyrimidone photoproducts ((6-4) PP). One mechanisms that can be used by the cells for removal of these injuries is the photoreactivation, a form of direct repair that is characterized for having an only enzyme (photolyase) to remove these injuries using the energy of solar light (300-500 nm). Two types of photolyases had been identified in the nature: a specific one for CPD (CPD-photolyase), and another specific one for (6-4) PP ((6-4) - photolyase). In the previous work, we constructed plasmids vectors containing the cDNA of CPD-photolyase or (6-4)-photolyase, being confirmed the expression of both proteins in E. coli. A fraction of the (6-4)-photolyase proteins was obtained in the soluble form. However, the CPD-photolyase, until the moment, was only obtained in the insoluble form. In this work, we intend to give continuity to these experiments looking for alternatives for obtaining of both proteins in the soluble (active) form. With the enzymes we intend to investigate the importance of those two lesions in plasmids irradiated with solar light, verifying, after the specific in vitro photorreactivation, the survival and mutagenesis of transfected bacteria. Besides, with the concomitant obtaining of antibodies for these proteins, we intend to verify the kinetics of binding and release of these enzymes from the CPD and (6-4)PP lesion in human cells.


Other carried through works

Participation on the transcriptome sequencing project of Aedes aeqypti , in contribution with national and international laboratories.

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