Muscina stabulans

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Adult, dorsal view. 
The false stable fly is not a blood-sucker and has sponging-sucking mouth parts like the house fly. Overall color is dark gray with the head a lighter whitish gray. The gray thorax has four longitudinal stripes and the posterior tip of the scutellum (dorsal rear lobe of the thorax) is pale yellow.The abdomen is gray and black with a blotched appearance. The fourth longiudinal vein (M1+2) of the wings is not bent and converges only slightly towards the vein in front of it; this is similar to the arrangement in the stable fly and quite different from the sharply bent vein in the house fly.
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Adult, lateral view. 
The legs of the false stable fly - all tibia and apical part of mid and hind femora - are  red-gold or cinnamon. In a manner similar to the house fly, Muscina stabulans may be involved in the mechanical transmission of various pathogenic organisms to humans and animals. As members of the filth fly community, large populations may annoy nearby residents.

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False stable flies resting in poultry house for commercial egg production. 
The habits of the false stable fly are similar to those of the house fly, and immature and adult forms of these species frequently coexist. The fly sometimes is fairly abundant in confined-animal housing, especially in poultry houses where it breeds in accumulate manure.