Psoroptes sp

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Ovigerous female.

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Psoroptic mange of horse.
zens38.jpg (3415 bytes) Psoroptic mange of horse.

Psoroptes ovis. Wool loss characteristic of sheep scab. 
Psorptes ovis causes a highly contagious disease of sheep and cattle.In sheep, lesions may occur on any part of the body but in badly affected animals they are most obvious on the sides.

Psoroptes cuniculi. Ear psoroptic mange of rabbit. 
The rabbit ear mite is a parasite found commonly in commercial or scientific rabbit colonies. Because infestations begin in the external ear canal, they may progress for long periods before they are noticed. Scab formation in the ears often takes on a honey-comb appearance, and affected rabbits may be listless or dig frantically at their ears.