Graduate Studies


Scholarships for MSc and PhD from our Graduate Program
CNPq scholarships
- MSc: 8
- PhD: 19
- Since our scholarships are granted by the PROEX program, there is not a fixed number; scholarships will be funded by PROEX and distributed between MSc and PhD Programs whenever needed.
Criteria for Scholarships Distribution
1. All students interested in competing for scholarships must present proof of submission of their projects to FAPESP.
2. When available, Scholarships will be awarded to students approved in the selection process, in order of classification. For admission to the MSc program, the grade obtained in the 1st selection phase will be considered as long as the project has received a favorable judgment from the referee. For PhD post MSc (DO) and direct PhD (DD), the arithmetic mean of the grades obtained in the 1st and 2nd selection phases will be considered.
3. Students from all advisors may apply for the Program Scholarships. In general, the scholarship granting will obey the proportion of scholarships presented in the table below:

Number of Ongoing Scholarships from Other Sources
Number of Scholarships granted by the Program*
Up to 2
Up to 4
Up to 6

* The granting of scholarships by the program is subjected to quota availability at the time of application.
4. After approval in the selection process, the program secretariat will contact students and advisors requesting manifestation of interest in the program’s scholarship when available.
5. Once approved in the selection process and when a scholarship is available, the student must enroll in the program BEFORE THE BEGINNING of the following selection process. Failure to comply with this deadline will prevent the usufruct of the scholarship.