About our department


Our department is responsible for teaching Parasitology to 500 undergraduate students at USP, from the following schools: Medical, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy and Biochemistry (day and night classes), Nutrition (day and night classes), Dental (day and night classes), Nursing, Bachelor’s degree in Basic Health Sciences and, as of 2012, Biomedical Sciences e Obstetrics. We also take part in the Bachelor’s degree program in Molecular Sciences. 

In addition to formal courses, the Department of Parasitology offers regular research training for two undergraduate courses at USP focused on development of scientists - the Bachelor’s degree programs in Molecular Sciences and in Basic Health Sciences.

Undergraduate students have access to short-term training in tropical parasitic diseases research and assistance at “Centro Avançado de Pesquisa em Monte Negro” (Advanced Research Center in Monte Negro), Rondônia, and at the field laboratory in Acrelândia, State of Acre.