About our department

Auditor’s Office for the Departamento of Parasitology

Prof. Dr. Andréa Cristina Fogaça (deafog@usp.br)
Maria José Menezes (mjmeneze@usp.br)

Goals of the Ombudspersons
In sum, the Ombudspersons listen to the members of the Department regarding complaints, conflicts and other problems which were not previously solved through regular channels of service, analyzing them and looking for proper solutions for each case. This service is provided in a neutral, impersonal and confidential manner.

Important Points:
- Communications must be forwarded to the proper channels first (Academic Division, Undergraduate or Graduate Coordination; Research Committee or Coordination; Culture and Extension Committee or Coordination; Committee for Spaces; Human Resources Committee; Administrative Section), looking for solutions. Only problems which are not solved through these channels should be forwarded to the

- Just written communications shall be forwarded to the Ombudspersons (e-mail or printed material handed directly to the Ombudspersons);

Activities which are not performed by Ombudspersons:
- Provide information about services given by the Department of Parasitology and/or ICB. This information shall be provided by the proper sections aforementioned;
- Answer/analyze complaints about services of any nature provided by the Department/ICB before they are forwarded to the proper sections.

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