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Carsten Wrenger

Phone +55 (11) 2648-8127
Room 147
Email cwrenger@icb.usp.br

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Unit for Drug Discovery

Group Members

Flavia M Zimbres
Position PhD Student
Email flaviazimbres@usp.br
Phone +55 (11) 2648-8127
Jasmin Lindner
Position PhD Student
Email jasminlindner@usp.br
Phone +55 (11) 2648-8127
Kamila A Meissner
Position PhD Student
Email meissner.kamila@usp.br
Phone +55 (11) 2648-8127
Marleen Linzke
Position PhD Student
Email marleenlinzke@web.de
Phone +55 (11) 2648-8127
Natalia M Izui
Position Graduate student
Email natimichan@gmail.com
Phone +55 (11) 2648-8127
Soraya Soledad Bosch
Position Graduate student
Email Sorybosch@gmail.com
Phone +55 (11) 2648-8127
Thales Kronenberger
Position PhD Student
Email kronenberger7@gmail.com
Phone +55 (11) 2648-8127

Research line

The Unit for Drug Discovery aims to identify novel drugs and therapeutics to interfere with the metabolism of pathogens and to tackle human diseases.

Research Interests

The general research interest is based on drug discovery against infectious diseases as well as against cancer. The aim of discovering new compounds/inhibitors is mediated by several approaches such as rational drug design by exploiting peculiarities of proteins which has been analysed at the structural level or by high throughput screening (HTS) studies against selected proteins of human pathogenic agents that are involved in disease manifestation. Identified compounds are subsequently validated at the biochemical level using enzymatic assays and mutagenic studies of the respective proteins. In addition to the biochemical analysis novel compounds are also verified at the cellular level by employing the transfection technology. The generated transgenic cell lines are afterwards subject for reverse genetic studies as well as protein- and protein-drug-localisation experiments using GFP-reporter proteins or compound-labelling and fluorescence microscopy.


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Research Projects/Funding



Prof. Dr. Alexander Henning Ulrich – IQ/USP, Brazil

Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Betzel, University of Hamburg, Germany

Prof. Dr. Eva Liebau, University of Münster, Germany

Prof. Dr. Carsten Claussen, European ScreeningPort, Fraunhofer IME, Germany

Dr. Matthew R Groves, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Lyn-Marie Birkholtz, University of Pretoria, South-Africa

Dr. Kevin J Saliba, The Australian National University, Australia