The Department of Parasitology performs intensive scientific advising activity, such as,   evaluation of research articles and projects, organization of scientific meetings, courses, conferences and seminars in São Paulo, in other Brazilian states and in other countries. Its faculty members take part in innumerous advisory committees for doctoral and master’s degrees and in faculty recruitment and selection processes in other Brazilian institutions and abroad.

“Centro Avançado de Pesquisa em Monte Negro” (Advanced Research Center in Monte Negro), Rondônia, established in February, 1997, provides free medical and dental assistance to local population. The Department maintains a faculty member linked to this center, who coordinates assistance and research activities. As of 2004, health promotional and educational actions and medical assistance have been carried out in the field laboratory kept by the Department in Acrelândia city, state of Acre, in collaboration with the Federal University of Acre (Universidade Federal  do Acre).

Assistance in Ramal do Granada, state of Acre.

The Department of Parasitology takes part in annual events such as “ICB aberto à escola”  (ICB opened to Schools) and “Universidade e as Profissões” (Universities and Professions), which allow that high school students follow activities carried out in different laboratories and interact with faculty members, technicians, undergraduate students who are initiating scientific research and graduate students from USP. The Department is also involved in the “USP e as Profissões” (USP and Professions) fair, focused on students who are preparing themselves for the university/college entrance examination. In this fair, there are stands and practical and theoretical presentations on different professional fields.  .

Aedes aegypti female during oviposition.